The Suresave Optix range contains a core range of cleaning chemicals for all areas of a care home. Each 2ltr concentrated bottle will provide 100 trigger dilutions per 2L concentrate of correctly diluted chemical, or shots through the dry dispenser.   

2ltr bottles of concentrated chemical with safety aperture closure to eliminate misuse, contamination and wastage. Dispensed through the Optix system.

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Code Description Per Pack Price Qty
SLAU0011 NO 1 Optix Kitchen Sanitiser Concentrate 2L EACH
£19.75 (exc VAT)
SLAU0012 NO 2 Optix Degreaser Concentrate 2L EACH
£21.30 (exc VAT)
SLAU0013 NO 3 Optix Bathroom Sanitiser Concentrate 2L EACH
£19.75 (exc VAT)
SLAU0014 NO 4 Optix M/Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser Concentrate 2L EACH
£21.30 (exc VAT)
SLAU0017 NO 5 Optix M/surface Cleaner & Sanitiser, fragranced 2L EACH
£19.75 (exc VAT)
SLAU0018 NO 6 Optix Glass & Stainless Steel Concentrate 2L EACH
£19.95 (exc VAT)
SLAU0019 NO 7 Optix Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate 2L EACH
£22.00 (exc VAT)
SLAU0922 NO 8 Optix Washing Up Liquid Concentrate 2L EACH
£15.95 (exc VAT)