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Code Description Colour Size Per Pack Price Qty
JMED0048 Female Boat Urinal 1000ml EACH
£6.70 (exc VAT)
JMED0049 Cygnet Urinal 1000ml EACH
£6.70 (exc VAT)
JMED0061 Slipper Bed Pan with Lid Green EACH
£11.15 (exc VAT)
JMED0059 Male Urinal Junior 650ml EACH
£3.35 (exc VAT)
JMED0060 Male Urinal Adult 1000ml EACH
£3.80 (exc VAT)
JMED0050 Non-spill Adaptor EACH
£7.50 (exc VAT)
JMED0052 Fracture Pan EACH
£13.95 (exc VAT)
JMED0102 Male Urinal with non spill male adaptor EACH
£11.45 (exc VAT)
JMED0051 Cyclops Adult Urinal Bottle EACH
£3.35 (exc VAT)