Gojo LTX System

The Gojo LTX System offers increased infection control measures through its touch free technology.

The LTX System has a lifetime gaurantee on the batteries, leaving you with the peace of mind that you will not have the expense of battery replacement.

Please speak to our sales team about 'free-on-loan' dispenser installations: Telephone 01772 425310 or Email  sales@fischealthcare.co.uk

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Code Description Colour Size Per Pack Price Qty
TBOD0096 Gojo LTX Antibacterial Foam Soap 700ml - 700ml box3
£32.25 (exc VAT)
TBOD0084 Gojo LTX Antibacterial Foam Soap 1200ml - 1200ml box2
£32.15 (exc VAT)
TBOD0089 Gojo LTX Mild Foam Handwash 700ml - 700ml box 3
£29.40 (exc VAT)
TBOD0083 Gojo LTX Mild Foam Handwash 1200ml - 1200ml Box2
£34.80 (exc VAT)
TBOD0101 Gojo LTX Freshberry Foam Handwash 1200ml - 1200ml box2
£29.25 (exc VAT)
TBOD0090 Purell LTX Skin Nourishing Foam Sanitiser 700ml 700ml box 3
£33.40 (exc VAT)
TBOD0085 Purell LTX Skin Nourishing Foam Sanitiser 1200ml 1200ml Box2
£33.15 (exc VAT)
TBOD0088 Purell LTX Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub 1200ml 1200ml box 2
£26.10 (exc VAT)
TBOD0128 Gojo LTX-7 Freshberry foam handwash box3
£30.00 (exc VAT)
TBOD0091 Gojo LTX-7 Dispenser Chrome/ Black Chrome/Black 700ml EACH
TBOD0093 Gojo LTX-7 Dispenser Grey/ White Grey/White 700ml EACH
TBOD0079 Gojo LTX-12 Dispenser Chrome/ Black Chrome/Black 1200ml EACH
TBOD0080 Gojo LTX-12 Dispenser Grey/White Grey/White 1200ml EACH
TBOD0094 GOJO LTX-12 TRUE FIT Wall Plate Black Black EACH
TBOD0086 GOJO LTX/ADX Shield Floor/Wall Protector Black Black EACH
TBOD0097 Purell LTX-7 Dispenser White White 700ml EACH
TBOD0092 Purell LTX-7 Dispenser Chrome/Black Chrome/Black 700ml EACH
TBOD0081 Purell LTX-12 Dispenser White White 1200ml EACH
TBOD0082 Purell LTX-12 Dispenser Chrome/Black Chrome/Black 1200ml EACH
TBOD0012 Duracell Size D Battery for Gojo/Purell LTX Dispensers EACH
£0.01 (exc VAT)